"Heather is extremely intuitive & excellent at reading what one feels & how they react to life events. She is very easy to talk with & shares some of her life events which puts her on the same levels with you. I've worked with her for 8 weeks & will continue to check in with her going forward. She has really helped me to get unstuck & begin moving forward. Thanks Heather!!!"


"Heather is gifted in getting to the root - whether it's the root of a problem or the root of one's passion. She gets to know people individually, asking the right questions to know them thoroughly. She considers all aspects of a situation and does the research necessary to help holistically. Add the fact that she's good at making you laugh, and it can't get much better."



"Heather's counsel and direction are irreplaceable. She listens without judgement and asks thought provoking questions that have been so impactful in my life for figuring out what I am actually thinking and/or feeling. Heather has a gift of helping you figure out what you truly want and then guiding you to practical steps to get there. She is an incredibly caring human being and personal coach that has helped me immensely in my journey."


"Heather does a great job of getting you to realize aspects of yourself and what motivates you that you might not realize yourself. She helps you look at yourself through a different lens, and the combination of the questions she asks and her encouragement of deep introspection allow you to understand yourself more fully. Once she helps you identify what drives you and where you want to go in your life, she patiently helps you create a path to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. Every coaching session with Heather makes me feel empowered to pursue my dreams and become a version of myself I never thought I had the willpower or self-understanding to be. The best part - it doesn't feel like coaching or correcting, but rather a friend who genuinely enjoys helping you discover yourself and achieve fulfillment. "