pursuit of life



a clear path to a better you:

healthy, happy, whole.

Pursuit of Life is spiritual life coaching,
through working together, 
you'll get the tools you need to live a holistically healthy life
with purpose, self-awareness, and clarity.

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holistic health is what you've been missing.

Holistic means is that we’ll address you as a whole person–a spirit, body, and mind–all working together to make you you.

This is the reason single-minded changes haven't worked for you in the past. 

When we work together to release the

spiritual hold-ups in your life,

your life will change.

is coaching for me?

If your efforts to change your lifestyle have failed you,

if you're ready to find out what's behind that nagging feeling that
"there's got to be something more,"

if you're ready to find what your life could be,

You're ready for this.
We'll work together to reconnect with you,
to figure out what you want,
to know how you're going to get there
through healing in spirit, body, and mind.


"you helped me change

my view of myself."

                                    — Katelyn

about your coach

I've been where you are. I know how it feels to have the ground crumble underneath you, to not know how to take even the first step towards where you want to go.

As we work together, I'll help you find in yourself what you need to live a healthy, whole, and happy life - the life you deserve.