I believe in you.

That's the most important thing you need to know.

I'm a holistic life coach who specializes in cultivating self-awareness, so you can achieve your goals and live your healthiest, best life in spirit, body, and mind.

Because you're worth it.

I've been a counselor,
a nutritionist,
a teacher,
career coach,
and spiritual leader,
and I've worked with enough people dealing with confusion, lack of direction, and hopelessness to conclude this:

it's way tougher than it should be to find what you need to pursue health and wholeness in all areas of your life simultaneously. 

With my bachelor's degree in nutrition, and my master's in counseling and spirituality, I fully believe that the only way to healthy living is by holistically integrating health in spirit with body with mind.

That's why I'm here. I'm your coach to get you to the healthy life you deserve. The patterns of life today don't set you up well to take care of yourself. So whether it's for the first time, or whether it feels like you're starting over for the hundredth time, I'm your guide to being your best self: healthy, happy, whole.

Honestly, it will be easy, because I know you're bursting with potential. And I think you know it too. (That's why you're here, isn't it?)

More about me? Here's the most important thing for you to know:

Aside from textbooks and degrees, the reason I know I can work with you to move forward out of your fear or exhaustion or stuck-ness is that I've been there.
I've lost my religion. I've lost my health. I've had my world cave in around me, I've taken big leaps, I've had to start from scratch and figure out what's important in big and small ways, more times than I can count.

And what I've learned is that the more willing I am to let things be confusing, painful, and unclear, the closer I come to understanding myself, others, and how this whole "life" thing we're doing works.

It's not just my pain and loss I'm learning from, either. I used to operate in a very black-and-white understanding of the world, where everything had its place as right or wrong. But the more personal, messy, broken stories people entrusted me with, the more I found myself tossing aside the rule book and just listening to what people had to say.

As my model for how I understood the world started caving in, and all the black and white swirled around into shades of gray I  never even knew existed, I felt I'd completely lost my footing and my path.

Yet as terrifying as it was to lose my worldview, I found that there was more life available here and now. Life and Living was found in authenticity and whole-person, holistic wellness—far more than I had ever experienced within the narrow mindset that at one time had brought me comfort and hope.

And you know what? Your gray is exactly what this world needs.

I want you to see all the wonder and beauty you bring to the world around you—because the sooner you do, the sooner we all thrive

Gray can be scary. Seeing that where you’re headed is not where you want to go can lead to frustration, despair, and panic. Whatever it is you're feeling, it is a very, very good sign. You're ready for change.

I know the panic, I know the discontent, the anger, the fear. And I know what it's like to need someone to tell you that you're not alone.

Listen—you are not alone.

I’m here with you and for you, and I'll help you take those steps toward the path you really want. And I promise, with my holistic approach to coaching, your life will change, and you’ll be more alive, healthy, and happy than you’ve ever been before.