Are you pursuing life?

It's a tough (and kinda scary) question to answer, isn't it? 

It's scary because it means realizing that you have this one life to live, and no one gets to decide how you spend it but you.

So what happens when you're certain you're driving fast in the right direction, living life, chasing your dreams...and when you look down to map your course, you realize you have no. clue. where you are?
[Cue: stomach drop.]

You've got a big problem to fix now, and you don't know where to even start. 
Do I turn around and go back? Do I keep driving forward? How did this even happen, was I not paying attention? Maybe while I figure it out I can just stand still...

I think this pause is the opportunity.

Because now you get to ask yourself: did I ever know where I was going? where did I go wrong? do I even want that destination anymore? 

Where did this map come from? Where else is there that's not on this map?

If you don't really know who you are,
if you feel out of control of your health and your happiness,
if you recognize how lost you are when you know you used to have direction,
if you just don't like your direction,
if you feel your life is dull and faded when you know it's meant to be bright and technicolor,
if you feel like you've been sleepwalking for years and you're being jolted awake,
If it's ever seemed like you'll be stuck forever feeling confused, tired, unhealthy, disappointed, directionless, hopeless, or just...stuck, and you know there's got to be more
I want you to know: 

there is so much more for you.

Seriously, there is. And awakening to the reality of your experience, albeit painful, means you are ready for what's next!

So now what?

Together, you and I can restore health to your life: spirit, body, and mind.

So whatever you're looking for, no matter how simple or complex, I'll help you get what you need, and together we'll work on holistic health and happiness, so you can finally rest. You can be happy, healthy, and whole.

For you it might mean overcoming spiritual confusion, pain, or doubt, 
career transition, 
healing broken relationships,
self-confidence coaching,
regaining control of your emotions and your mind,
practicing healthy habits and self-care,
Whatever it is, we can work together to bring health back to your life: in body, spirit, and mind. And a healthy life means lasting change. Your best you, from now on.

If it feels like you've lost your health, your direction, or yourself, through my holistic approach, you'll get the tools and support you need to come alive, know yourself better, and use the power within you to change your life.

As we work together, and take control of your life again.

I’m with you in the journey of becoming the best you you can be. You in?

You’re going to shine.